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Skin care and relaxation in one
...with natural cosmetics...




confession of Mgr. Markéty Kouklová
In the beginning was the study of biology - natural sciences, fondness for nature and its events...

Movement in the modeling circuit, hostess, at fairs, at shows, at events from hairdressing shows to hair styling specialists, trying out many procedures and novelties on your own skin, make-up artist of cosmetic brands.

Skin care, skin and hair stress, constant make-up, make-up removal... skin stress is associated with this.
In addition, great sports commitment at the Sports Gymnasium and a demanding workload during dance group training sessions while studying.

Interest in a healthy lifestyle marked my future focus....focusing on the well-being of soul and harmony....without the best version...for our body ♥.
Confirmed by life - experiences with health eye complications and of course also as a mother - when I first choose natural treatment and then other options...   and in my beauty salon La Nature I choose a balanced option for my clients and the best natural skin care.  Whether it is relaxing massages for your aching back with a warm wrap to warm you up, or a cosmetic treatment in BIO quality made from natural substances of professional cosmetic products from organic farming...or special cosmetic treatments that solves the skin problem actively and effectively, I believe that my choice for you:  with the natural cosmetic MUST HAVE products of Studio La Nature will mean for your treatment what you imagine under the term CARE...RELAX ...PROFESSIONAL SALON TREATMENT.

Home skin care is an essential basis for effective skin nutrition and treatment, therefore developed in collaboration with laboratories, with professionals in the field of dermatology  the first MUST HAVE minimalist line of natural and organic products for basic skin care, at home, professional salon care Studio La Nature ♥: "Take care of skin with love".
The body, our thinking and spiritual harmony not only with nature as a unity... REST WITH QUALITY PRODUCTS AND CAREFUL ABOVE-STANDARD SALON TREATMENT...this is what you can find in the treatment of natural care products cosmetics  Studio La Nature.
|Further study and training in this field is a matter of course.
We look forward to your visit to salons using Studio La Nature cosmetics products, or to Studio La Nature in  Tymákov (training center):
M.Sc. Markéta Kouklová

Faculty of Science, Charles University

Faculty of Pedagogical Biology with a focus on education,  University of West Bohemia ( Bc.)

MŠMT: Beautician/Massage for sports and rehabilitation massage

Wedding make up

Natural skin care products

...minimalist...Made in CZ...

professional salon care Studio La Nature


Why natural to organic products, oils, decorative make-up with natural ingredients and skin care in organic quality?


The smell of morning dew, the smell of the forest after the rain, the smell of blooming spring meadows, the smell of herbs... all this is one of the most powerful forces of emotional character - a person remembers smells, smells influence us, we remember them as an unmistakable signal... they are in our memories since birth...

Along with the aromatherapeutic effect of plants, the composition of each type of herb, plant flower or fruit, which we can also taste, has a great influence on our organism. Each plant contains an abundance of active substances, thanks to which an independent science and the field of pharmacy entered...everything depends on nature, from the knowledge of plants and their effects...plants will always be used as the most important source of medicinal products.

The products, which are also obtained from plants that are grown without artificial fertilizers, on clean soil, do not contain heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, etc. are mostly of so-called organic, naturally pure quality. A cosmetic product adapted in this way will then be of high quality, especially if it contains 70% or more of these natural ingredients - even up to 80% or 90% natural ingredients... this is called natural - or rather organic, pure products. In addition, if the purity of the product is preserved by gentle preservation - which is very important - from natural ingredients - the durability of the product is gently and sensitively maintained and the product is also safely protected against possible fungi or toxic substances by colonizing bacterial deposits, which otherwise could of preservative ingredients in the case of "contamination" also break out in the cosmetic product.


Most common cosmetic products often contain different ratios of plant ingredients....and chemical ingredients...

Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic, a product can legally be considered "natural" from the content (i.e. ONLY if) -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ components... The rest may be of "chemical origin".

In this regard, the word natural almost loses its meaning...


That is why it is advisable to read the composition of the products, to perceive how your skin reacts, what suits it. Sometimes hypersensitive skin can react abnormally even to products that are correctly selected for the skin type... This is often the case with drying chemical makeup removers, the skin then paradoxically starts to become excessively oily, or swells and becomes hypersensitive. Such skin then requires time to get back into balance.

A specific group for skin care are allergic skin types - when it is always advisable to do a skin tolerance test first. Atopic skin or reactive skin should have a very clean, delicate composition, preferably hypo-allergenic. In this case, the allergen can be both a natural component (essential oils, plant components for people allergic to various types of plants or food),   and a chemical component.

Atopic skin is often irritated by detergents, fabric softeners, cleaners due to chemical components in normal household use, but also animals in the household or diet can affect the condition of the skin. Last but not least, the environment or stress affects how our skin looks. 

 The vision of Studio La Nature is to gently, effectively and above all "CUSTOMIZE" to choose the kind of care that will best suit your skin type, emotional state thanks to fragrances (except for atopics), physical condition of the skin, but also time options home skin careIn harmony of soul, body and mind, we are here for you with the products of the Studio La Nature cosmetic line.

Yours, Markéta K.



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