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Studio La Nature
complete cosmetic care with hand massage

Cosmetic treatment including a consultation during the first treatment on the couch. The procedure begins with being placed on a comfortable bed, the possibility of heating the deckchair, a pleasant blanket (disposable mats and aids are standard), the visit is complemented by aromatherapy relaxing music, the light of aroma candles. The diagnosis of your skin condition follows. After selection and consultation, your treatment begins with skin cleansing or makeup removal, followed by peeling / two-phase cleansing with hydro-oil components, or skin cleansing with a UTZ (ultrasound) spatula, eyebrow shaping and/or tinting (depending on the interest in eyelash tinting). Depending on the interest, manual deep cleaning of the skin pores (recommended for enlarged pores - black dots, or at the first visit), further depending on the condition of the skin. This is followed by skin toning, skin relaxation massage of the face and décolleté with a selected elixir of oils to relaxing music, a facial mask according to skin condition and type, and final skin treatment. During the action of the face mask or oils on the skin, you can use the offered gentle hand massage (palm massage and oil treatment for the upper limbs), or a paraffin hand wrap. 

Treatment time 1.5 - 2 hours: CZK 1,400

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Studio La Nature

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